Organisation at a Glance

Children of India Foundation (CIF) is a registered Non-Profit Organization based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It was founded in the year 2002 by a group of socially committed individuals.
CIF is presently engaged in activities related to child protection, health, livelihoods and education.CIF works towards empowering the most marginal sections of society and building their capabilities so that communities can drive their own development.
In 2019, CIF collaborated with Terre des Hommes Netherlands, the international child protection organisation, to carry out its work.

Impactful Activities

At 230 million, India accounts for the world’s highest number of child brides. Married in their early teens, these girls lack education, access to health care, are financially dependent and vulnerable to domestic abuse.

We support early married girls in education, health care, livelihood, social security and protect them from gender-based violence. IMAGE works in the state of Karnataka, which accounts for 23% of India’s Child Marriages. IMAGE began in 2018 and its first phase closed in 2020. IMAGE 2.0 began during September 2021

Project Activities

Health Care
Ensuring early married girls access health and nutrition services, along with reproductive health care and awareness.
238 Girls sensitised on postponment of pregnancies
381 Girls receive health check ups & nutritional supplements
Awareness Raising
Sensitising community members on the ill-effects of early marriage as a means to prevent early marriages and address issues of child marriage victims.
1780 School children raise awareness against child marriage
102 Schools where awareness raising through rallies and wall paintings were done
5 Street theatre sessions for the community for awareness against child marriage
Ensuring early married girls access education through schools or as private candidates.
220 Girls access educational services
19 Girls re-enrolled in formal school
19 Girls registered as private candidates

Child Protection
Working to prevent child marriages and strengthening child protection institutions and mechanisms.
370 Girls immediately safeguarded from early marriage and gender-based violence
262 Community members participated in Child
26 Protection Committees Meetings with Child Protection Committees

Inspiring Results





18 year old Salma was married at 17 and became pregnant soon after. Her body couldn’t handle the early pregnancy and she complained of fatigue and ill health. The field staff, through a mobile application called Nutree noted down her symptoms and shared with her a customised diet plan as generated by
the app.

The app also suggested that she take nutritional supplements and calcium tablets which the project provided to her. She has been undergoing follow up sessions through the app which monitors her progress and makes further suggestions to improve her health.

She was also given access to a ‘mother card’ which helps her avail of services from the local anganwadi (health care centre). Her health hasimproved and she has also got knowledge on pre and post natal care as well as postponing her next pregnancy

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