Our History



Children of India was founded in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Child Welfare for the poor in Tamil Nadu, India

Activities focussing on child welfare for the poor and orphaned children in Tamil Nadu

Partnership with Terre des Hommes Netherlands

In collaboration with TdH-NL, CIF reaches out to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana with a focus on adolescent girl children

Children of India Foundation (CIF) is a registered non-governmental organisation founded on November 14, 2002  working for the welfare and upliftment of the vulnerable and marginalised children and their families in India. 

In our initial years, we managed an orphanage taking care of vulnerable children in Tamil Nadu. Gradually, with time, we expanded our operations in the state. With the help of Terre des Hommes Netherlands we now reach out to more children across more states – Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

As an independent entity, we have been providing assistance to communities in the following ways : 

  1. By supporting the children with their school and college fees, 
  2. Providing support for food and medical expenses on a monthly basis, 
  3. Identifying and supporting the poor widows on need basis
  4. Sanitation including community toilets etc.
  5. Education / Schools for the mentally challenged – school fees.
  6. Supply of free medicine, and medical aid, including hearing aids, visual aids, family planning.

Since laying the first foundation stone of our organisation, we have worked for the development and welfare of the most vulnerable children in India, spreading hope, faith and prosperity in people’s lives.

Presently, we carry out three projects in partnership with Terre des Hommes Netherlands in India.