CIF Charity in Telangana State

Support to children living in bricklin sites of Telangana State to enable them to continue their education.
CIF Charity in Telangana State


  • Telangana has a diversified character in terms of its socio-economic status and Brick making industries are one among the supportive industries.
  • The labourers for this industry migrate from their native state and reside near brick kiln sites.
  • They mostly bring their children along with them to avoid any security concern or to take support from them in brick making.

However by doing this, the families make their children deprived of education, recreation and their childhood. Children also face physical and sexual abuse by the owners and contractors at the sites.

CIF Charity in Telangana State


During a field survey by Children of India Foundation, it was found that around 70 children of migrant families from different districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are living in and around 5 brick kiln sites of Lingal Mandal of Nagarkurnool district and Pangal mandal of Wanaparthy district. The younger children are seen roaming without any parental care and support putting them in danger of accidents. They can’t continue their studies as there is no facility of a place, teacher or education materials at these sites. The elderly children just roam around with their families without any purpose. These children are prone to abuse, exploitation and trafficking. To safeguard them from these violences, CIF came up with a short term project for these children to continue their  education and get quality time to engage in play and recreational activities. 

Project activities at glance



Each of the children provided with age and class appropriate educational materials such as slate, chalk pieces, note books, pen, pencil, exam pads and drawing materials such as crayons and sketch pens.


Sports Materials

Sports materials such as skipping ropes, ring balls and volleyballs were provided to the children to engage them in physical activity and enjoy their spare time.


Remedial Classes

Two tutors from the local villages were appointed not only to take remedial classes for the children in improving their education but also to guide these children to enjoy the play materials at a safe place without any fear.


Prevention of child labour

The brick kiln wonders were motivated not only to avoid engaging the children in work but also to take care of the transportation of the children to the remedial coaching classes on a daily basis.



Lobbying with the local education department was made to provide mid day meals to the children studying in the remedial coaching centres.


Intervention of media and Government

For smooth conduct of these activities local media persons, local police officers, PRI members and the local partner NGO of CIF were involved in the planning, implementation and monitoring process. 


All children in both remedial coaching centres are now studying 3 hour per day regularly.

Children enjoy playing with play materials regularly at least two hours in the evening every day.

One of the brick kiln owners in Lingal mandal hired an auto and helped the children to reach the centre regularly.


  • There are 6 to 7 brick clin sites here in this area where people from many districts of Telangana and from other states are working. Many times children also work with them. Keeping in view of this, the support of remedial coaching centres along with the playing materials is a noble idea. It is really helpful for the children. I will also ask my reporter friends to support these children

    Mr. Srinivasa
    Reporter, Metro Evening newspaper, Lingal Mandal
  •  I am working as the Vidya Volunteer in this centre. Initially it was difficult for me to gather the children in the centre. Now children come here voluntarily even before I reach the centre. Though I am getting honorarium but that is not important. I am happy that I am helping these children in their education.

    Mr. Ramulu
    Tutor, Remedial Coaching Centre, Surapur, Lingal Mandal
  • I am from Gadwal district. I have three children with me here at the site. Sometimes the older child used to support me in brick making. Now  schools are closed due to COVID so the children came with me. Now due to the opening of this remedial class the children again remember the lessons that they had forgotten.

    Mrs Ellama
    Mother and a brick making labour
  •  I have one son living with us here. He was earlier roaming here and there but now coming to the class and learning his lessons. Teacher maam is coming regularly and teaching the children very effectively. I am very happy.

    Mr. Babu
    Father and a brick making labour