Major Achievements







Children of India foundation through its investment in children, families and related stakeholders continues to achieved success in its ongoing projects. The following are our key successes which we are proud to have achieved.




What we are proud of











access to education

Children who were out-of-school are provided access to quality education. Drop out rates and absenteeism has reduced. 










job oriented growth

Adolescent girls are provided vocational training which increases their job opportunities and takes them out of their exploitative situations.











Adolescent girls are being cured of anaemia and their reproductive health issues are getting solved. Through sensitisation there is more awareness on nutritious diets and as a result children are healthier.











Children have inculcated the confidence to represent their issues at various platforms and they now take initiatives to solve their own problems.










Various CSOs, government departments, law enforcement agencies and community members have been sensitised on issues and are working towards a conducive environment for child protection.



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