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"Ensuring quality education"

To enable children realise their potential


We give children access to quality education by ensuring they access education materials, digital learning, interactive learning as well as bicycles.

Educational Materials

Notebooks, text books, stationary and school bags are distributed to children which ensures the continuation of their education.

Digital Learning

Information and communication technologies are used in digital learning to facilitate children’s interaction with digital resources created to help learners achieve specified learning outcomes. The advantages of this programm include personalized learning, self-directed learning, easier access, students learning at their own pace.

E-Tab Support

To help students educate more effectively and to address common problems like low student interest and attendance, the entire new vertical of tablet learning was established.

E-tabs enables users to enter and modify graphics for the purpose of creating models for any form of structure quickly and easily. 

Registration For Exam

The Idea is to assist the children in their Exam Registration process by providing a platform for the Issue of Hall Ticket. It aims at improving the efficiency in the Issue of Hall ticket to encourage the students to pursue their dream career.



Children Access Digital Learning


Children Supported with Study Material

Case Story 

15 year old Banu lost both her parents to COVID. She lives with her grandparents and two younger siblings. As her grandparents don’t earn, Banu had to take up small jobs and was on the verge of moving to a nearby city to work as a daily wage labourer. “In Jan 2022 I was identified by CIF and they provided me and my family ration kits and I got study materials. I was also re enrolled in school. I am being supported to apply for support through the PM cares fund as well as some scholarship schemes”, said Banu. Banu is no more at risk of child labour.


I was given an E-tab and it helped me study during the lockdown. It took me a lot of effort to enroll in school post my early marriage, so this was a great gift.

Ms. Radhika

My family lost its livelihood after the pandemic. I learnt tailoring under the project and the team gave me an order to stitch clothes. This way we were able to manage our finances.

Ms. Ragini

I got sketch pens and crayons. Colouring made me so happy and forget my worries. I was able to manage my emotions well after that.



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