Our Work







We believe that

"Children can bring out change"

Across our work, we strive to turn children from victims to agents of change in their communities. Along with providing them assistance in areas of health, education, livelihood and child protection we also train them in child rights and advocacy, ensuring that communities and duty bearers are sensitised on issues children face. 



Where we work

We work in villages and towns of Jharkhand, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha and Tamil Nadu where children are subjected to exploitation and live in poor socio-economic conditions. 





Our Projects







initiatives for married adolescent girls' empowerment

Project IMAGE works towards empowering young girls who are victims of child marriage in areas of health, education, social protection, vocational training and against gender based violence. The project also organises them into a movement to amplify their voices









Addressing Child Labour in mica mines

The Mica project works to eliminate child labour in the mica mining areas of Jharkhand through access to quality education, additional income generation opportunities for parents, child participation for change, access to social security and strengthening of child protection mechanisms.









Project Children GOOD works towards providing a life of dignity and opportunity to young girls from the Devadasi system. The system gives a religious sanction to prostitution among the lower caste Devadasi communities and as a result most girls are either victims or vulnerable to sexual exploitation.









The project works across slums in 7 clusters of Coimbatore which are plagued with unhygienic conditions, high morbidity and poverty. Children are out-of-school and engaged in child labour, increasing their vulnerability to exploitation. We ensure access to health care, education and livelihood.







Child Protection in Brick kilns

Children from different districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are living in and around  5 brick kiln sites. These children are prone to abuse, and exploitation. To safeguard then from these violence’s, CIF came up with a short term project for these children to continue their education and get quality time to engage in play and recreational activities.