Cash Relief





"Cash Relief helped families address emergency needs"




Many breadwinners from socio-economically poor families lost their lives to COVID-19 and this made their families even more vulnerable. Their kith and kin were finding it difficult to survive.


We provided a cash relief support of Rs.30000 to vulnerable families whose breadwinner died due to COVID-19



"130 People and 78 Children received cash relief "

We worked in 5 states & 13 districts




I lost my son, our only
breadwinner to COVID.
Deeply saddened, we
also had so many debts,
but no money. This
support has helped us.

Ms. Shobha

I have 3 daughters. 1
of them has cancer. My
husband died & it was
very difficult. Now with
this money I can pay for
my daughter’s

Ms. Priya

I have 3 children but
they don’t take care of
me. When I lost my
husband, I was worried
for myself. Now with
this support I can get by.




We work in Jharkhand,  Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka and provide the cash relief to 170 people.





Ms. Magesvari from Tamil Nadu, a mother of three school going
children, lost her husband to COVID in May 2021. It was
extremely tragic for the family, even more so, because her
husband was the only earning member.
“At that point I didn’t know how I would continue. I had three
children to feed, send to school, save for the future”, she said.
“Then when I recieved Rs.30000 it was a blessing. I have bought
a tailoring machine and I am learning how to stitch.”
Ms.Magesvari now earns through her tailoring business and is
able to send her children to school.





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