Mass Vaccination





Ensuring vaccination coverage to the most vulnerable populations




To combat the spread of the infection, the government announced a nation wide vaccination drive. However, remote areas did not have access to adequate health care to avail of these services. Moreover, with the crisis, the government health care systems were weakened to provide adequate services.


We assisted public health care teams in organizing vaccination camps in remote areas, provided Public Health Care Systems with COVID protection equipment and sensitized the public on vaccination uptake and following COVID appropriate practices.



"The total of 3,10,787 peoples are vaccinated through the drive"

We provided help across 7 states & 31 districts







We work in Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka and reached upto 4,68,008 people.














The intervention included organizing vaccination camps in semi-urban, rural and remote rural areas in over 1000 villages across 7 states. Health care staff were supported with necessary equipment and transportation.

Vaccination Camps

4,492 vaccination camps organized

Strengthening Public Health Care Systems

347 Vaccine carrying boxes distributed among PHCs (SHO)


4,31,518 people reached through awareness activities





“We didn’t know about COVID-19 properly. We were just very scared,” said Mr. Bala
Ramu Reddy, a resident of one of the remote islands in Papikondalu.
“A team of health workers with some staff came and told us about COVID clearly,
what it was, how it spreads. They also told us we needed to get vaccinated. I was
afraid of vaccinations as I thought something would happen to me. Then they
convinced me and the banners in the village they put up also helped me
understand”, he said.
Mr. Reddy got his first dose in July 2021 and second dose in November 2021.




Through the training, I
learnt more about the
vaccinations, especially
how even pregnant
women can take it. This
helped me spread more
awareness among

Ms. Karuna
ASHA worker

I am a migrant woman from Orissa who
works in Andhra Pradesh. I didn’t have
any documents with me and I couldn’t
register for my vaccination. The team
worked to get my information and I was

registerd on the platform. I took my dos-
es at the camp set up in my


Ms. Bijul

The equipment given
to our PHC really helped
us reach out to more
people effectively. I am
glad for this support as
it will be useful in the
long run too

Dr.Lakshmi Monica
Doctor, PHC Banampetta, AP



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