Ration Kits





"Ration Kits helped address immediate hunger needs"




The pandemic led to a loss of livelihood which severely affected poor and vulnerable families who were further entrenched in poverty. They could not even afford basic needs such as food. Their survival was at risk.


We provided vulnerable families with dry ration kits which included cereal, pulses, vegetables, spices and oil, for a 2 month consumption period.



"We have provided 25000 ration kits to vulnerable families"

6,393 families, 6 States & 23 districts were benefited





We work in Jharkhand,  Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Karnataka and provide the ration kits to 25,000 people.






“During COVID, my wife lost her job and withmy disability I couldn’t work too. It is this ration kit that fed us for two months”

Anand Reddy



Kalavathi Devi, a mother of three children from Koderma,
Jharkhand felt helpless when her husband, the sole bread
winner of the family lost his livelihood during the pandemic.
The family was struggling to survive and she had no money to
even feed her children.
“CIF and their staff distributed 2 months of ration supplies to
me. This support has been such a blessing because we could
feed our family for 2 months without worry. With this burden
reduced, my husband had time to look for a new job”, she said.



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