Support to children affected by covid





Relief, Rehabilitation and Recovery to children who lost their parent(s) to COVID-19





Over 1.47 lakh children in India lost either one or both parents to COVID-19. These children became at risk of survival and safety. They are also vulnerable to exploitation.





We provided these children with education materials and counselling services, ration kits, hygiene kits as well access to social security schemes.




"Provide help to 3967 children who lost either one or both of their parents "

we worked in 5 states & 18 districts















Ration Kit Distribution

2,540 Children were provided with the kit

Education Material Distribution

3212 children were given education material

Hygiene Kit Distribution

3,212 children were provided with the kit

Social Security Schemes

2,218 families accessed social security






We work in, Jharkhand, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka 





The food material
helped us a lot. Earlier,
my mother had to work
extra to arrange for food.
I had to take care of the
house so I didn’t have
time to play. Now I can.

12 year old child

I have lost my son.
But I see you as friends
of my son who came to
support me and my
granddaughter with
food material, education
materials. I am happy.

Grandmother of a child

I was sad and did not
have any interest in
studying.The volunteer
sister talked with me
everyday and helped me
to get out of my

Child Beneficiary






15 year old Banu lost both her parents to COVID. She lives
with her grandparents and two younger siblings. As her
grandparents don’t earn, Banu had to take up small jobs
and was on the verge of moving to a nearby city to work
as a daily wage labourer.
“In Jan 2022 I was identified by CIF and they provided me
and my family ration kits and I got study materials. I was
also re enrolled in school. I am being supported to apply
for support through the PM cares fund as well as some
scholarship schemes”, said Banu
Banu is no more at risk of child labour.







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