Story of Lata

Sixteen-year-old Lata was forced to get married to a driver from North Karnataka, when she was fourteen years old. Soon after her marriage, Lata developed serious health problems. There was an infection in her reproductive tract. She had irregular menstruation. She faced several problems from her in-laws because she wasn’t giving them a child. The local doctors were of no help.



In mid-2018, she met the Field Facilitator of the Initiative for Married Adolescent Girls Empowerment (IMAGE) project through the organisation SEVAK, which focuses on empowering early married girls.

Initially, her husband and in-laws did not allow her to attend programme activities.


Slowly, after the field staff visited their house, they convinced her in laws to seek treatment for her at a hospital in Belgaum city, Belagavi district.


After the treatment, Lata’s health improved gradually. After a series of follow ups, she got rid of her health problem completely.

She has no infection in reproductive tract and her menstrual cycles are regular.

Lata is now a happy woman.


 I would have not recovered from my gynaecological problem if the IMAGE staff didn’t help me. They are very concerned about my health and treat me like their own sister. I am very thankful to them, she says


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