Devamma from South Karnataka is an extremely young mother at the age of fourteen.  Devamma has been in a constant state of struggles since childhood as her father left her mother because she gave birth to three girls. This caused her mother to take her own life followed by which Devamma had to shift into her grandmother’s house where she was married off as soon as she reached puberty.  

Devamma’s grandmother passed away within two months of her marriage. Devamma’s struggles didn’t stop after marriage as she faced harassment from her mother-in-law. When she became pregnant, she was further denied all the health services as the doctors filed a case against her husband under child marriage. 

Through the intervention of IMAGE project, she received the Mother card which would ensure that all the health, check-ups, etc. are given to her. The team supported her and provided clothes, food and all necessary things for the newborn baby.


She was also able to receive the grant amount Rs. 20,000 from the District Child Protection Unit of Department of Women and Child Welfare. 

After receiving counselling from Field Coordinators, her mother-in-law also accepted her and took care of the child.

She says, “Now I feel I have gained confidence to live like others and I have become emotionally stronger. I will educate my child, I never make mistakes like what my mother and grandmother have done to my elder sisters and to me. I will enroll in a vocational training programme as I want to be self- independent and take care of my child.”


By Vaishnavi , Communication Associate.


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