Amendments to the Prohibition of Child Marriages Act (PCMA) rules

Child marriage in India is a major societal issue that continues to persist. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many children have been out of school and their families have been left in precarious financial situations. This leaves children, especially young girls, vulnerable to being married off and not allowed to continue their education. This kind of social pressure, so early on in a child’s life, harms children mentally as well as physically. 

IMAGE PCMA Rules Consultation Meeting to discuss child marriage in India



A consulation meeting took place regarding the subject of child marriage in India. The meeting included CSOs involved in the IMAGE Project where they discussed amendments to the rules of the Prohibition Of Child Marriages Act (PCMA). The session was facilitated by the child rights trust Mr. Yalakki Gowda, the Assistant Director from RDPR and the government of Karnataka was present as the honorable chief guest in the meeting. 

Speaker at IMAGE Next PCMA ammendment meeting discussing child marriage

This meeting drew in 65 people, who discussed ideas for strengthening the children’s Mahasabha and preventing child marriages at all levels, with help from the local government. It greatly showed resolve and initiative to bring about good change!m

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