Fun Learning Sessions with Reliance Foundation

Nearly half of the world’s children are still affected by partial or complete school closures, two years after the COVID-19 pandemic began, and over 100 million more children will fall below the minimum reading proficiency level as a result of the health catastrophe.

The Coronavirus has caused school absences for almost 90% of the world’s youngsters and pupils. The lives of children all across the world have been turned upside down. CIF, in collaboration with the Reliance Foundation, organized, engaging learning sessions for children to reclaim a feeling of normalcy that had been stolen away by the pandemic.


 222 children (boys 112, girls 110) vulnerable to child labor in Mica mines actively participated in virtual learning and fun sessions organized by Reliance Foundation (Virtual sessions) that were held in an attempt to reduce the negative effects of school lockdowns by keeping the children happily engaged.

All of the sessions organized by Reliance Foundation were well received by the children; they were taught math and road safety guidelines, given an exciting virtual tour of Leh and Ladakh, Hamleys also held dance along and magic shows, a live storytelling session was held, a virtual tour of the underwater world was held, and an amazing music concert.


The children enjoyed these sessions. The session was liked by all of the children. Children have asked the Reliance Foundation to organize similar workshops in the future. They were glad to be a part of this experience and valued this time spent.

Tuhina Upadhyay, Communications Associate


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