Mica dependent districts get COVID support

The prevailing COVID conditions places families dependent on mica mining at risk. Firstly, they have lost their livelihood and have no means to survive. This makes their children extremely vulnerable to drop out of school and work in the mines. Additionally, the region being rural and remote, lacks access to proper health care services, placing children and families at risk of infection.




To tackle this, CIF’s MICA project arranged for a COVID 2.0 Humanitarian response which provided personal hygiene kits and family survival kits to 165 Families in 4 villages of Koderma District. 


The personal hygiene kits addressed COVID protection and hand hygiene, consisting of facemasks, sanitisers and soaps. Survival Kits ensured the food security of families and consisted of dry ration.




The implementation was rolled out in close coordination with Panchayati Raj Institutions. 

Help CHILDREN OF INDIA FOUNDATION  reach more people. Click on the link below to make a difference in the lives of these families.



By Rahul M, CIF Communications Associate.

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