Setting Up The Fight Against Sexual Exploitation of Children- SUFASEC Programme

In 2023, CyberTipline received a staggering 36,210,368 reports of suspected child sexual exploitation, highlighting the urgent need for robust measures to protect children online. At CIF, through the Down to Zero Stepping Up the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation of Children (DtZ SUFASEC) programme, we’re tackling this crisis head-on by training youth advocates and collaborating with like-minded organisations to break the vicious cycle of online sexual exploitation through policy discussions.

One inspiring story from these efforts is that of Madhumati, a young advocate from Warangal, Telangana, whose journey is a testament to the fight against Online Child Sexual Exploitation (OCSE).


A Path to Advocacy

In 2019, while still in the 8th standard, Madhumati became a part of our former project, Girls Advocacy Alliance, where she was trained to be a youth advocate for child rights. The project was completed in 2020 with many stories of fruitful advocacies. 

Four years later, Madhumati once again became part of CIF as she joined the DtZ SUFASEC Project as a youth advocate to fight against Online Child Sexual Exploitation (OCSE).

Through this project, Madhumati’s path to advocacy is continuing & producing fruitful results. As a youth ambassador of DtZ SUFASEC, she involved herself in training that equipped her with skills in creating cartoons, comics, communication, video making, advocacy, and awareness. These tools further empowered her to educate others on critical issues like child exploitation, trafficking, abuse, and early marriages. Passionate about the cause, Madhumati developed engaging comic content and used social media to spread her message, reaching out to peers and younger children alike.

Focus on Online Safety

As a dedicated youth ambassador, Madhumati is proactively educating 120 school-going children about trust, consent, and safety in the digital world.

Madhumati is also extending her efforts to include religious leaders, parents, teachers, child-safe organizations, and government agencies. Her advocacy has been instrumental in reducing child marriages, promoting girls’ secondary education, and strengthening child protection services from the village to the district level.

A Vision for the Future

“My dream is to see every child with a bag of rights, not exploitation,” Madhumati says with strong determination. Through her continued efforts and the support of her community, Madhumati is making significant efforts toward combatting online child sexual exploitation

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