Outcome Harvesting Workshop under Project Children Good

The Children of India Foundation (CIF) recently concluded a district-level Outcome Harvesting Workshop as part of the completion of our second year of initiatives under Project Children Good. The three-day Outcome Harvesting Festival was held from May 8th to 10th, 2024, at the Don Bosco Provincial House in Bangalore to capture and evaluate the outcomes of our project interventions through the active participation of children.

This annual festival serves multiple purposes, primarily focusing on comprehensively reviewing the project’s status by documenting the outcomes of the interventions. The festival provided a platform to address the project’s challenges, failures, and best practices. It also facilitated cross-learning among beneficiaries (Kishori’s), staff members, and partners from various project areas, creating an environment of shared growth and understanding. Furthermore, it was an opportunity to discuss and plan the action plan for the upcoming year.

The workshop saw the participation of 321 children, along with key staff members from managerial, supervisory, and community levels. The children, who have consistently played significant roles as change agents, actively contributed to the discussions and activities. Among the participants were 5 boys and 20 adolescent girls, alongside 28 staff members.

We employed a range of methods to capture the outcomes of our interventions. Consultant presentations were used to strengthen understanding of the project’s goals and objectives. Group activities and staff- and child-led presentations facilitated the exchange of field-based learning experiences. Attendees shared reflections, clarifications, opinions, and suggestions, which were instrumental in candidly capturing the progress made thus far.

The festival was a huge success, with enthusiastic participation from both children and staff members. We showcased success stories from the field, highlighting the positive impacts of our project. Hearing about the transformations experienced by our stakeholders—children, families, communities, government, civil society organizations, and law enforcement agencies—across various project locations was heartwarming and motivating. It inspired the children to implement similar strategies for success within their communities.

Children and field staff left the festival with renewed energy and eagerness to apply the learnings in the upcoming year. This initiative not only provided valuable insights and skills to the participants but also stated the importance of collective action in creating sustainable changes in their communities.

Looking ahead, CIF remains committed to continuing this valuable exercise. The Outcome Harvesting Festival will be conducted again in the upcoming year, ensuring ongoing evaluation, learning, and improvement of our initiatives under Project Children Good. This continuous effort is crucial for sustaining a positive impact on the lives of children and their communities.

By Tisha Ahuja
(Communications Intern, CIF)                       


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