Training early married girl as change agents

Supreetha who was once struggling to speak up now says,

” I can share all my problems openly now and I’m super motivated to achieve my goals.”

Supreetha, a 19 year old Early Married Girl is a movement leader from Amalapur village among many who attended the Movement Leaders Orientation Workshop.

As part of empowering early married girls, TdH-NL is working towards building a movement of these girls where they would be capacitated to stand up, advocate and fight for their rights and get their demands met. In lieu of this, early married girls displaying confidence and good communication skills were selected as leaders of this movement.

Meeting and interaction with ASHAs and Domestic workers at Belagavi

The 53 leaders who attended the workshop in Belagavi district of Karnataka were refreshed and regenerated to continue advocating against Child Marriages. 

Held on 25th of February, this workshop helped the Movement Leaders get awareness on the importance of representing concerns of married adolescent girls in their respective villages. They gained more clarity on their roles and responsibilities, which includes sensitising and leading their small groups in their villages. Engaging Early Married Girls in a conversation about their lives helps in developing a cohesive and empowering environment where they participate in creating solutions for the problems they undergo.

Creating awareness on gender, SRHR, health and nutrition for EMG and survivors at Kunbarkoppa

The workshop also gave the leaders the knowledge about the Government Welfare Schemes with respect to Early Married Girls and how the movement leaders can further share this knowledge with their small groups.

Overall, the Movement Leaders highly benefited from this and were extremely enthusiastic to be agents of change in their communities.

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