On November 1, 2021, Child Marriage Prohibition Day was observed in the Bagalkote, Chikkaballapura, and Chamarajanagara districts under the IMAGE Next project. The rally, as well as other extracurricular events, were held to raise awareness and raise voices against child marriage. Officials from the government were honored and invited as special guests to the event.

Child Marriage



The boys and girls shouted slogans about child marriage at the event, such as “Stop Gender Inequality,” “Stop Child Marriage,” “Join together to build a child marriage-free society,” and “Hands there to support us, not to beat us,” and so on. During the ceremony, the students and the community swore an oath to prohibit and prevent child marriage. In addition, anti-child marriage flyers were circulated.



Written by,

Gowri Asaru 

Communication Officer, IMAGE Next

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