The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the entire world. Throughout the world, millions of families have experienced losses. During the outbreak, India’s death rate was atrocious. In every corner of India, families have lost members. 

Children were also left without parental figures as a result of the tremendous loss. Children in 18 districts across five Indian states, including the Kadiri division of Anantapur district, lost their parents as a result of the crisis, and were left feeling adrift and without guidance.

CIF was aware of the loss and the fact that there were children who were unable to feed themselves. In our operational area, which includes, 18 districts from 5 states we identified more than 3000 children, including, 132 children in the Kadiri division of Anantapur district who lost either one or both of their parents to COVID. 

We aided them by delivering three months worth of food to the young children, which included pulses like Rice, Tuar Dal, Channa Dal, Wheat Flour, Raggi Flour, Groundnuts cereal, and oil. We also provided some weaning food such as semi-solid food along with other essential food items.

Growing children require consistent nutrition in order to go through daily life without a problem. When these food provisions were provided, the children were able to prepare meals and feed themselves while still remaining healthy.

We are delighted to be able to assist children in need in this way by giving them a plentiful supply of nutritional food.

Written by, Tuhina Upadhyay

Communications Associate

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