Sensitization programme for the Police and Judiciaries

Police Brutality has always been a problem in India. The police are given powers in order for them to properly enforce the law and safeguard the public. However, they use it unlawfully for a variety of reasons, including the urge to conclude a case as quickly as possible and sheer greed.

Article 21 of the Constitution states that no one’s life or personal liberty may be taken away except in accordance with legal procedures, which is an inbuilt safeguard against torture or assault by the state or its agents.

In order to bring about changes, our GOOD initiative and the District Legal Service Authority in Bijapur worked to train police officers in juvenile justice care and protection. 


This is a crucial lesson for law enforcement and the judiciary to learn and internalize so that teenagers and children are not mistreated. It was a positive step forward, as 70 police officers and panel advocates actively participated in the discussion as Kishoris revealed his personal experiences.


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