COVID-19 Blog
    Seventeen-year-old Kamala* is excited. The seeds sown by her have now blossomed into fresh spinach and fenugreek. It is her moment of pride and delight. Kamala is a victim of child marriage. Early marriage takes a toll on a girl’s health, her education is affected and in some cases she is a victim...
Children of India decided to bring the community together during the testing times of COVID-19, by organising a Rangoli contest in its project areas across the state of Karnataka.
“After the lockdown, we had no income and no food. My mother was planning to resume providing sexual favours to men. I couldn’t stop crying” said Shyamala*.    
The GAA Digital Lab is an initiative facilitated by Children of India’s partner organisations, Shramika Vikas Kendram and Scope RD, to ensure sensitisation among the government and the public regarding issues that girls face during lockdowns due to COVID-19.
The elderly are most at risk during the COVID season. We reached out to them with the support of Dhanabalan & his friends from ‘#Maamadurai friends group’ in this hour of need. A Corporation Rescue Camp for the elderly in Palanganatham, Tamil Nadu, houses twenty women and eighty men above sixty years of age. These...