“This is Charki Bakri and that is Goli Bakri“, says Sunita Devi as she speaks about her goats. “I love them very much”, she adds.

Sunita Devi lives in the Mica belt of Jharkhand, where low wages from extreme dependence on Mica collection places families in abject poverty. The result of this is that children are forced to work in the mines. They don’t get to go to schools and their childhood is lost.

To address this issue, one of our activities is to provide families with additional means of livelihood so that children don’t have to work. With the additional income, the families can also provide better for their children’s health and education.




One such beneficiary is Sunita Devi who was given Rs.5000 during the pandemic via the Revolving Fund. She invested that money in the rearing of goats and presently earns a good income.


“I was given training on how to rear my goats. They both are now healthy and one of them has given birth to a baby too!”, she adds. “They mean so much to our family because they are the ones feeding us and helping educate my children.” 

Sunita’s children presently go to school, and she is also able to afford their private tuition fee.

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